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Whether you’re looking for a quiet diesel generator for your home, an office, or industrial premises…put the power back in your hands with Private Power.

Private Power supplies high quality, super silent diesel generators across Gauteng and to the rest of South Africa and the African continent. We stock the Kipor range of generators which is trusted for quality, efficiency and reliability. We cater to domestic, commercial and industrial requirements and in Gauteng we offer full installation and expert back-up service.

Generators for Home

Super quiet domestic diesel generators for your home – just because you’ve got a generator why should your neighbours suffer? Click here to see our full range of super-quiet Kipor Domestic Generators.

Commercial & Industrial Generators

Will the next round of load shedding sink your business? Not if you take the power back into your own hands! Click here to see our full range of Kipor Commercial Generators.

Reliability and back-up for your customers

Every leader knows power is nothing without support. Do you have the right backup for your clients when their power goes down? Click here to discover what Private Power can do for you.

Have you had bad experience with a generator?

It’s important to know about quality and compliance, and to understand which features will work best for your particular needs. We give expert advice to help you make an informed choice when you invest in a diesel generator. We also look after your return on investment and ensure that you get the most cost-effective solution.  Read more.

Back-up services

When we install a Kipor silent diesel generator, you are not only purchasing quality, you are also assured of our expertise in back-up service and maintenance of your product. Click here to see more about our parts and service supply and maintenance plans.

Meet the team

If you’re going to invest in a quality diesel generator, you want to know that it’s backed by expert technical knowledge, right? Meet Luka Fabris and his xx colleagues who are the backbone of Private Power’s awesome service across southern Africa.